Stage, Studio and Television:


Bringing Performance to Light

Litex has been a pioneer manufacturer of flood lighting lamps. Pertaining to the same principle we have developed “Cinolite” our Stage, Studio and Television lighting range.

Tungsten Quartz Lamps are the most efficient incandescent lamps. They offer precise beam control, longer life and compact design. These lamps are made from the best materials available, globally and are designed to meet any operating conditions. We guarantee total reliability and performance. These lamps are designed to yield high and constant output combined with consistent colour temperature.

“Cinolite” are available in a variety of operating voltages to suit specific needs of the customer.

“Cinolite” are typically used in the following applications:
Stage Lighting: To achieve higher lumen output, colour temperature and consistent lighting.

For videos: For better exposed and accurate pictures.

For studio lighting: For better lumen output to present the artist in the best light.

These lights can be used at a high temperature and in any burning position. They are available in a wide variety of dimensions and voltages. A combination of these lamps can be used to achieve accurately exposed and attractive picture, both for video and stills.

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