“Making the invisible work for you.”

Infrared lamps are basically heater lamps, working on the principle of infrared radiation heating. It is direct and non-contact method for object heating where energy is transmitted by electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the absorption factor, the object can absorb up to 91% of the radiated energy, which gets transformed into heat. Normally, full efficiency is achieved within 1-3 seconds. With infrared heating systems, space requirements reduce drastically.
Infrared Halogen Lamps are “bright emitters” as; part of the energy that is emitted is in the form of light. These lamps convert 84% of the electrical energy into Infrared radiation.

The most efficient & flexible heat source

  • Instant on
  • Upto 91% energy conversion
  • Long life
  • Robust design
  • Dimmable
  • Compact construction
  • Ability to control
  • Ability to direct

We, at Litex can manufacture these lamps in variety of wattages, lengths, reflector coatings and connections, as per your requirement.

One week development cycle for new Infrared Lamps and 7 day despatch at very affordable prices.

Comprehensive range of Short Wave, Fast Response Medium Wave and Medium Wave INFRARED LAMPS


Clear, Ruby


R7s, SK15, Rx7s, Strips-x,y,z, U-Clip
Bare wire and many more


Clear – single, Twin tube
Translucent (satin)
Ruby Red


White, Gold


50W to 13000W


24V to 690V


Upto 2800 mm

Infrared lamps are typically used in the following industries for the below mentioned applications:

  • PET bottle Manufacturing
  • Comfort Heating
  • Catering
  • Automotive and Engineering Industry: Paint & putty baking, Powder Coating, Preheating Parts prior to shrink Fitting or Welding, Drying Washed Parts.
  • Ceramic and Glass Industry:   Baking, Sterilisation, Glaze Drying, TV tube Coat-Curing, Mirror Drying, Drying Washed Parts.
  • Electrical Industry:   Drying of Motors and Armatures, Baking Varnish on Motor Windings, Drying paint, Baking Enamel.
  • Electronics Industry:  Drying, Preheating, Curing and Solder Fusing of PC Board.
  • Food Industry:   Dehydrating Fruits & Vegetables, Food Processing, and Moisture Removal prior to Pulverising.
  • Foundries:   Drying of Moulds and Cores.
  • Leather Industry:   Curing Sprayed Shoe Leather Hides, Baking Finish on Leather Products.
  • Plastic Industry:   Preheating Plastics prior to Forming, Dehydrating Plastic Powders, and Curing Lamination & Adhesive Tapes.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry:   Bottle Sterilising, Glue Drying on Surgical Tapes.
  • Printing and Engraving:   Drying Printing Ink, Setting Flux on Electrotype Castings, Silk Screen Drying and Curing.
  • Pulp and Paper Industry:   Drying of Tapes, Cones and Cylinders, Drying Paper Coating.
  • Rubber Industry:   Drying Rubber Laminations, Drying Paint on Hard Rubber Parts, and Curing Moulded Rubber.
  • Textile Industry:   Drying Fibre, Fabrics, Silvers, and Non Woven, Heat Setting Nylon I Polyester, Binder Curing on Non-Woven Fabrics.

Type of Coating: / 98 White ceramic coating
Type of Burning Position: H ±5° to horizontal, V Vertical or universal burning
Note: All lamps are available with any combination of end contacts, coating and burning position. Special lead wires available on request. Custom requirements on request possible.

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