Our Company


Litex Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is the brain child of Dr. Avinash Kulkarni, who has over twenty years work experience in the American lighting industry and over 35 years experience in the Indian Lighting industry.

Set up in the year 1981, Litex specialises in making halogen lamps for lighting as well as non-lighting purposes. Litex has been a pioneer manufacturer of halogen lamps and has over the years introduced in the market products like; Copier Lamps, Infrared Lamps etc. Today, Litex is one of the last standing manufacturing units for these types of lamps. Litex has been known making standard as well as customer specific lamps. We have worked with different quartz tubes (colour and shape), end connections, cap types, wattage and voltage, overall and heated length.

Litex prides itself in being a pioneer manufacturer of halogen lamps. Infact we are one of the last standing factories for the same. Our lamps are preferred by one and all for lighting as well as non lighting applications.

Litex was introduced by our founder Dr. Avinash Kulkarni when he sensed the need for lighting solutions in India. Since then Litex has been a pioneer manufacturer of Industrial Infrared, Stage Studio and Television and Laser Pumping Lamps.

Technology and Manufacturing

Litex manufacturing started with US and Swiss made state-of-the-art machines and has now developed the expertise to develop its own special purpose machines for Halogen Lamps and Laser Pumping Lamps manufacturing.

While the manufacturing processes were in line with US multinational technology, Litex also developed its unique technology to suit Indian conditions and unique customer needs with emphasis on simplification with uncompromising quality.


Litex has been associated with major lighting (national and multinational) companies in India since inception and with large multinationals in plain paper copier manufacturing. Litex is also associated with major equipment manufacturers in US for supply of Infrared Lamps.

Litex has now a wide customer base in PET bottle machinery manufacturers and bottlers and leading Paperboard manufacturers, besides a host of other industrial applications.
Litex has collaborated with many Government institutions to develop special lamps as import substitutes for Laser Pumping applications as well as other strategic applications.

Certifications and Awards

Litex has ISO 9001:2015 certification from SAI GLOBAL.

Litex and Dr Avinash Kulkarni have been the recipient of numerous Regional and National awards.